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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trees should be trimmed and pruned during the late stages of winter when they are in their Dormant period.  They should not be trimmed or pruned during the fall or summer because it makes your tree prone to fungal disease, insect infestation and bacterial illness. Dead branches can be removed any time of the year. 

Trimming and Pruning services offered:

Preventative Pruning- Is done on young trees to help the tree grow strong and in proper form.

Crown Reduction- Is done by taking large limbs directly from the top of the tree. 

Crown Thinning- Improves the health of the tree by allowing more light and air flow. No more than 20% of the crown should be thinned at a time. 

Crown Cleaning- Removal of dead, broken or unhealthy branches. 

Crown Raising- Removal of the lower branches for clearance. 

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